The Calculator…

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So do you remember being in school and doing calculations by hand in math class? And do you recall thinking how much easier you’d have it if you could just use your calculator?  When you mentioned this to your teacher, he or she would say, “You never know if you’ll have a calculator nearby.”

Well fast forward to cellphones. Yes, we now have a calculator available at all times. So why do we still teach children the outdated pencil and paper calculation steps?

Well, to put it simply, there is a great benefit to understanding the detailed and sometimes laborious steps to solving a mathematical equation. And the use of mental math is an excellent exercise for the mind.

In addition, your teacher was correct. Yes, you may always have your cell phone and therefore a calculator on you, but what if you lose your phone? Or what if there is a massive cellular collapse? Or what if there is a zombie apocalypse? Just kidding…But still, keep your pad and pencil on hand in case you need them for those pesky calculations…


Stay groovy…


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She’s reading a book…

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So my daughter, Sammy, did the most unusual thing today. She read a book. Now don’t get me wrong, she reads all the time. She just doesn’t actually hold a covered, printed on paper book.

You see, technology has spoiled us for reading actual books. We have e-readers, tablets, stories online, and audiobooks to name a few. These have virtually replaced books as our means of reading.

So when I came downstairs and saw her holding a large paperback book entitled House of Leaves I was surprised. It turns out there is no e-book for this title. Why? Sammy showed me that it was the style of the text. It was written inconsistently: sometimes sideways, angled, or even circular.

Once she finishes with this book, I’m sure she’ll be back to her online reading. Then I can borrow House of Leaves.


Stay groovy…


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The wires…

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So they drive us all crazy…the wires…

With technology having such a major impact on our lives, we see them everywhere. Wires for:




Apple TV (or something similar)

video gaming system (often more than one)



stereo system

chargers (for EVERYTHING!)

and a host of other instruments that require wires!!


As my system was not professionally installed, I’ll have to make a trip to Best Buy to get yet ANOTHER power strip. (You know, the one with the on/off button that prevents your system from crashing during a power surge.) My goal is to hide all of those obnoxious wires behind my entertainment unit.

Even though it will be hidden, I’ll know they are there. Those wires…

In my next home, I’m going for professional installation…


Stay groovy…


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Phone Tag…

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So my question of the day is: Do we still play phone tag?

Hear me out. I recognize that people sometimes have trouble catching each other, but with all of the technology we use, phone tag has become obsolete.

For example, you can’t catch someone by phone often because some people don’t even answer their phone anymore. You send that person a quick text. There may be a delayed response, but they will more than likely get back to you within a reasonable time. If you cannot get them by text, move to Facebook Messenger, Instagram, e-mail…you get the idea. Talking on the phone is really no longer part of the eventual hookup.

Back in the day when we were only connected by landline or snail mail, you could try to reach someone dozens of times before you actually hear their voice. Now we can communicate with someone halfway across the world within moments in one technological form or another. The “phone” serves more like a computer than it’s original intent. So bye-bye phone tag…


Stay groovy…


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Computer woes…

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Okay, so you’re about to hear from me…

Although my computer woes were somewhat diminished after having Spectrum increase my Mbps to 100, I still had a “Teacher IT Issue” yesterday. Ugh!

So it was off to Best Buy. The good news is that I have a great computer. The bad news is that it was being slowed down due to all of the pop-ups from China and unnecessary applications that grabbed onto my computer and were running in the background. Again…Ugh!

So Geek Squad to the rescue! I officially love those Geeks! By signing on with them, I didn’t have to leave my computer at Best Buy. I spent about four hours in the afternoon with the Squad remotely repairing my computer and increasing its efficiency from the comfort of home. Apparently, all of the China issues were hard to fix because, well, it was in Chinese. Luckily my Geek, Scott from North Carolina, was able to do what was needed to get the job done.

So today, I logged in for class, and my computer ran flawlessly! Hallelujah!  If you have not used the Geek Squad yet, I highly recommend them. Don’t wait until your computer is super slow and driving you crazy. Sign on and have them available to you 24/7.


Stay groovy…


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So just when I thought I had some tech savvy, I found out that I was wrong. You see, I never quite understood the whole megabytes per second thing and how it impacted my computer’s efficiency. Confused…Yes, I was.

You see, my livelihood depends on technology as I teach English online to students in China. Well, my computer has been acting a bit wonky lately. I recognized some of the challenges could be on the students’ end, but I couldn’t risk losing clients due to poor internet service.

So I called Spectrum. I was stunned by what an easy fix it was. I just had to increase from 60 Mbps to 100 Mbps. The problem: It’s $15 more a month, but it’s worth it. My computer is already faster, and I’m keeping the glitchiness at bay.

I can’t wait for class tomorrow morning when I can see if it really improves things. If it doesn’t, you’ll hear from me. Until then…


Stay groovy…


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