Double Bags…

double bagSo let’s continue to examine the highlights of New York Fall Fashion Week 2019. This one I absolutely love…Double Bags…

Imagine you’re visiting your favorite specialty shop. You find a handbag you adore, yet the salesperson chimes in, “Actually, there is a second bag that coordinates with the one you are holding. That’s the way they’re carried this season…Two bags…”

Yes, the runway showed models carrying two coordinated handbags. I love the look, but frankly, I have enough trouble keeping up with one purse. Imagine, two…But it’s totally brilliant on the part of the designers. Why sell one satchel when you can sell them as a set?

I’m keeping my eyes open to see if this trend catches on…


Stay groovy…


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Karl Lagerfeld…


Karl Lagerfeld, the iconic fashion designer and artistic director of Chanel, has died at the age of 85 from pancreatic cancer.

Lagerfeld’s career took off upon his move to Paris in 1954 after a hand-drawn wool coat earned him an apprenticeship with Pierre Balmain. He worked for Chloe in the mid-60s, and then it was on to Chanel. Lagerfeld also served as creative director for Fendi as well as designing for his own label.

I personally grew to appreciate Lagerfeld’s use of layering in his designs as well as the blending of bold colors with neutrals. He influenced the world of fashion for decades and will be greatly missed.

Rest in Peace Karl Lagerfeld…


Stay groovy…


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Meanwhile, back on the runway…

0215_fall2019mary janes

Pictured: Batsheva, Vaquera, Opening Ceremony

So they’ve been in, and they’ve been out…Well, they’re back again! Mary Jane’s have shown up on the runways of New York Fall Fashion Week 2019. The current incarnation of this classic style is color, color, color…

The name Mary Jane comes from a character in the Buster Brown comic strip from the New York Herald. First appearing in 1902 and drawn by R F Outcault, Mary Janes were the shoes for which all little girls pined. In the 1950s, there were even versions for boys as well.

Over time, many alternative interpretations of the Mary Jane were created and even adults were intrigued. With variations of materials and colors, they have remained a staple in many wardrobes. Worn by the likes of child star Shirley Temple, sixties fashion model Twiggy, and nineties rocker Courtney Love, the popularity of this shoe was bound to return, as it now has.

For the fall 2019 season, you’ll see Mary Jane footwear in a wide variety of bold hues and heel types. Wear them with dresses, trousers, shorts…Dress them up or keep it casual. A single pair of this classic will add interest to any outfit. Stay with Mary Jane and…


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So last night was date night, and we headed out to Universal City Walk in Orlando. Our only stop was Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville. We had so much fun in this lively atmosphere that we felt no need to patronize any other establishment.

As we entered, we beelined straight upstairs to our favorite of the four bars. Our server, April, was affable and guided us to the perfect menu items for us. Stef had the famous Cheeseburger in Paradise, a quarter pound of fine beef, American cheese, lettuce, sliced tomato, pickles, and paradise island sauce. It was the classic Jimmy Buffet meal, and Stef loved it.

I experienced the Florida Grouper Sandwich, a grilled portion of Florida grouper, tomato, caper aioli, grilled red onions, avocado, and coleslaw. I particularly enjoyed that the coleslaw was not overly saucy, so the crisp cabbage was evident. As for the aioli, one of my catchphrases is, “You had me at capers!”

We also sampled the White Cheddar Cheese Curds with LandShark Lager BBQ and marinara sauces. I consider us cheese curd aficionados, and these were excellent! Along with Stef’s blender of beer and my glass of Pino Grigio, we indulged in the perfect meal.

The environment was electric. Jimmy Buffet tunes played over the speakers and video feed, and at about 9:30 a band took over the entertainment. Overall I’d say a fine time was had by all. I highly recommend you stop in when you get a chance.

I’ll see you there…


Stay groovy…


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Barrettes are Back, Baby!

barrettesSo, it’s time to search your drawers for those much-loved Goody barrettes because they’re back, baby! Yes, the hair accent that you wore in your younger years is making a comeback. At New York Fashion Week, they have been declared the “it” accessory for the coming season.

Think snap clips, think jeweled clips…Barrettes can add some fun to any ensemble. They’ve been seen on the streets of New York and are worn on one side with your hair down. Adding this adornment is an easy and inexpensive way to step up your style.

So find those old favorites that you couldn’t quite part with back in the day or head to the nearest drugstore or mall. You’ll see barrettes everywhere, and you’re sure to find something that will make you a standout!


Stay groovy…


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Where are all the hearts?

conversation heartsSo, Valentine’s Day has come and gone, and you may have observed that a staple of the day was nowhere to be seen. Yes, the oh so loved Sweethearts conversation hearts, around since 1866, were not available this year.

The brand was acquired by Spangler Candy, but it was bought out too late for them to produce the famous confection in time for Valentine’s Day. But not to worry, Brach’s, SweetTarts, and Sour Patch Kids were ready to pick up the slack with their own version of this favorite treat.

The classic conversation hearts will reappear next year, but will it have a negative impact on the bottom line? After all, Americans spent nearly $1.8 billion on Valentine’s candy this year. Will people continue to migrate next year to those alternative brands that were available in 2019?

Time will tell…


Stay groovy…


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Words of love…

adults affection embrace feelings
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On this Valentine’s Day, a list of synonyms for love…





























Did I miss any?


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