The Calculator…

white and black desk calculator on white graphing paper
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So do you remember being in school and doing calculations by hand in math class? And do you recall thinking how much easier you’d have it if you could just use your calculator?  When you mentioned this to your teacher, he or she would say, “You never know if you’ll have a calculator nearby.”

Well fast forward to cellphones. Yes, we now have a calculator available at all times. So why do we still teach children the outdated pencil and paper calculation steps?

Well, to put it simply, there is a great benefit to understanding the detailed and sometimes laborious steps to solving a mathematical equation. And the use of mental math is an excellent exercise for the mind.

In addition, your teacher was correct. Yes, you may always have your cell phone and therefore a calculator on you, but what if you lose your phone? Or what if there is a massive cellular collapse? Or what if there is a zombie apocalypse? Just kidding…But still, keep your pad and pencil on hand in case you need them for those pesky calculations…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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