Phone Tag…

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So my question of the day is: Do we still play phone tag?

Hear me out. I recognize that people sometimes have trouble catching each other, but with all of the technology we use, phone tag has become obsolete.

For example, you can’t catch someone by phone often because some people don’t even answer their phone anymore. You send that person a quick text. There may be a delayed response, but they will more than likely get back to you within a reasonable time. If you cannot get them by text, move to Facebook Messenger, Instagram, e-mail…you get the idea. Talking on the phone is really no longer part of the eventual hookup.

Back in the day when we were only connected by landline or snail mail, you could try to reach someone dozens of times before you actually hear their voice. Now we can communicate with someone halfway across the world within moments in one technological form or another. The “phone” serves more like a computer than it’s original intent. So bye-bye phone tag…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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