She’s reading a book…

apple book break child
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So my daughter, Sammy, did the most unusual thing today. She read a book. Now don’t get me wrong, she reads all the time. She just doesn’t actually hold a covered, printed on paper book.

You see, technology has spoiled us for reading actual books. We have e-readers, tablets, stories online, and audiobooks to name a few. These have virtually replaced books as our means of reading.

So when I came downstairs and saw her holding a large paperback book entitled House of Leaves I was surprised. It turns out there is no e-book for this title. Why? Sammy showed me that it was the style of the text. It was written inconsistently: sometimes sideways, angled, or even circular.

Once she finishes with this book, I’m sure she’ll be back to her online reading. Then I can borrow House of Leaves.


Stay groovy…


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