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I recently embarked on a new career direction. I am still an educator, but I have moved to an online platform. One of the challenges I faced teaching in a traditional classroom was my low tolerance for the extreme noise level. Luckily, teaching online allows me to do what I love without having to hear the mind-numbing din. The poem below reflects upon that maddening period of my life working in a traditional brick and mortar school.



Susie Krivacic


Pencil starts tapping:





Pages turning:





Gum snapping:





Knuckles cracking:





Foot tapping:








and cough.





and cough.


Clear the throat;

Rub the nose.

Clear the throat;

Rub the nose.


Computer keys:

Tap, tap, tap,

tap, tap, tap,

tap, tap, tap.


Printer buzzes:





Voices whisper:



and louder still.





and conversing.


Up out of a seat,

a figure runs into a desk.

“Ouch!” Tim bellows.

“I need a band-aid,” he whimpers.


“Patty said a bad word!” Mary hollers.

“No, I didn’t,” Patty retorts.

“You both said a bad word,” Sarah interjects.

“Stupid’s not a bad word,” Joe clarifies.


Maddie bumps her head.

Johnathan skins his knee.

They beg for the clinic passes

to get ice to soothe a bump.


“You’d better stop running!”

“You’d better stop calling me names!”

“You’d better stop grabbing my arm!”

“You’d better stop looking at me!”







Inside my head, my mind screams,

“SHUT UP!!!!!”

Instead, I clap my hands in a rhythm to gain the focus of the students.

They respond by echoing my clap.


All is quiet for a moment.


Pencil starts tapping…


Stay groovy…


Copyright Susie Krivacic 2018






To yawn, or not to yawn…

So what is the big deal about yawning? When did it become such a faux pas? I recognize that a loud yawn with outstretched arms might be somewhat unappealing in public, but there seems to be a lesser known social construct completely against an act that is perfectly natural.

Yawn: involuntarily opening one’s mouth wide and inhaling deeply due to tiredness or boredom. (Yup: I just “Googled” it!)

The key word here is “involuntarily”. Yes, if you know a yawn is imminent, you can stifle it somewhat. Perhaps you can attempt the closed mouth yawn or smile yawn, but that is not always possible.

I teach English online to students in China. As China is 12 hours ahead of my part of America, the instructors find ourselves teaching at some off hours. An occasional yawn is unavoidable. Recently, a colleague expressed concern as he was chastised in feedback for yawning during class.

When I worked in retail, I emitted a concealed yawn when I was on the sales floor. “Don’t yawn!” my boss stated with a curt attitude. What?

Babies yawn, and it is considered cute. When children yawn, it goes unnoticed. But yawn as an adult, and you’re suddenly being inappropriate. It’s natural. It happens. We do our best to conceal it, but even then our etiquette is called into question if that naturally occurring yawn is observed.

“Don’t yawn!” someone bellows.

Alright, I won’t yawn. By the way, I’ll do my best to avoid sneezing as well.


Stay groovy…

Susie Krivacic

Copyright 2018 Susie Krivacic


Sunday morning…

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Sunday Morning

Susie Krivacic

Oh, the lazy wonder of a Sunday morning,

as you sleep as late as desired.

I have breakfast in bed…

or at least coffee…(in my case Diet Coke).

Oh, the lazy wonder of a Sunday morning,

with no dashing about to get breakfast for a hungry brood.

There are no frantic searches for underwear, socks,

or just the right sweater for my teenage daughter.

Oh, the lazy wonder of a Sunday morning,

when the day is open, and the possibilities are endless.

There are very few “have to” and more “want to”

on the agenda. I don’t know what the day will bring, and I love it!

Oh, the lazy wonder of a Sunday morning:

Wouldn’t it be incredible if we could transfer

this relaxed attitude to the weekdays?

Then again, if that were the case, I might appreciate Sunday less…

Stay groovy…

Susie Krivacic

Copyright 2018 Susie Krivacic

The door…

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The Door

Susie Krivacic


There’s a door that stands across the room.

It’s the door you’ve used for years.

When you saunter through that tried and true door,

you’re sure to face no fears.

For that door holds all that you currently know.

It holds all that you think you need.

But a few meters down stands another door,

and you don’t know where it will lead.

You can only go through one door at a time.

Who knows why that’s the way?

But if you choose the current reliable door,

you’ll get the same result each day.

So as you face two opposing doors,

consider this small game.

You can leave your life just as is,

or try for something not quite the same.

Stay groovy…

Susie Krivacic

Copyright 2018 Susie Krivacic

The unknown artist…

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I know an artist who works her day job so she can toil away awaiting her big break…


The Unknown Artist


She tends bar in the evening

and waits tables as well.

So she can explore her passion:

her art.


During the day she winds metal,

and solders as well

as she creates unique pieces:

her art.


She hopes to see her gems

on the necks of others.

It’s a walking business card:

her art.


She adores clients like me

because I tend to buy

her work right off of her neck:

her art.


When inquiries are made

about the designs that I wear,

I joyfully share:

her art.


She hopes others will purchase

any item she makes,

and experience the love:

her art.


But still night after night

she tends bar and waits tables,

so she can work on her craft:

her art.


Will she ever make it big?

So she can devote all her time

to what drives her passion?

Her art.


Stay groovy…


Copyright 2018 Susie Krivacic

School days, school days…

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Hello All! Please pardon my absence for the past week and change. Things got super busy, and now I’m back…

So across the country students have been returning to school. Some began in early August, while others don’t start until after Labor Day. My son went back for his senior year last week. There was an interesting little change to his schedule this year.

The district added 30 minutes to the school day for high school students. As a teacher and parent, I am thrilled that my son gains additional academic time. I anticipated that the 30 minutes would take the form of an additional class, perhaps tutoring to enhance understanding in areas with which students struggle. Here’s the kicker: The district decided to add four minutes to each class during the school day. Are you kidding me???? Adding four minutes to each class accomplishes NOTHING!!

Until school districts make decisions that actually benefit our children, we will lag behind in education. The district needs to stop saying, “Look at us! We added academic time to the day. We’re wonderful!” Hey district, if you’re going to add time to the school day, add it in a way that will foster learning. Don’t just add it for the purpose of political posturing.

Just sayin’…

Stay groovy…


Copyright Susie Krivacic 2018





Ramble on…

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So in a search for self-awareness, I bring you the poem below. When originally written, I did not recognize that one of the individuals rambling on just might have been me. After some reflection and much editing, I embrace this piece as somewhat autobiographical…I try to bring new ideas to light, however, I may need to simply stop and listen.


Ramble On


No one listens, and no one hears.

We’ve lost the use of both our ears.

People babble and ramble on.

I sit and listen, stifling a yawn.


They talk and talk and talk all day.

Constantly sharing… “What more to say?”

Verbiage spewed with such great speed.

How many words do we really need?


Opinions are strong and oh so defined.

Contrasting views are hotly maligned.

I listen with contempt and spite

at ideas and concepts that are beyond trite.


Perhaps I should pause and identify me

as one of these ramblers. I should take time to see

all views are valuable and definitely wise.

I must open my ears to recognize.


Stay groovy…


Copyright Susie Krivacic 2018