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So I am fascinated with the eighteenth-century practice of placing a wax seal to close letters. My interest piqued watching the television series Versailles. During the reign of Louis XIV of France, before envelopes, people simply folded the parchment paper on which was written their correspondence and used a wax seal to secure it. Individuals often had their own unique seal, and this ensured the privacy of a note as well as authenticating a document. Seals were actually used in the earliest civilizations, although they were then created through clay rather than wax.

For me, it is the entire process of sealing that is intriguing. There’s something about the melting of wax, dropping it onto paper, and guiding it into a relatively circular pattern before pressing my “K” seal in place that seems somewhat meditative. The seal has an artistic element that also adds a dignified look to any message.

Stamped Wax Seal with motto Hic Sol Meus below a coat of arms ...

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A resurgence of creativity…

painting and drawing tools set
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So about 10-15 years ago, I used to express myself artistically through the creation of greeting cards. You may have heard of the company called Stampin’ Up. Well, I was quite the stamper back in the day. But like many a hobby, it fell to the side years ago, although I held onto my supplies and stamp sets.

I’m not sure why, but today I felt a resurgence of the card generating bug. I pulled out the old materials, made a stop to the local craft store to re-up my stamps as they had dried out after years of neglect, and created some goodies while my husband and I watched the Purdue/Auburn football game (by the way, Auburn kicked our butt). Why the renewed interest? I have no idea, but I had plenty of fun stamping today.

So what are you waiting for? Go check your mailbox…

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Mala madness…

Jeane Verger Jewelry

So I’d like to introduce you to another amazing artisan, Jeanne Verger ( One of the many reasons for which I admire Jeanne is her decision to leave the security of life in corporate America to pursue her bliss.

“It all started with my love for making mala beads. I loved the process of connecting to my heart, designing and knotting each gemstone and infusing them with positive intentions and affirmations,” Jeanne writes.

Jeanne would gift her malas to strangers but later recognized her calling to create exquisite and meaningful jewelry could evolve into an opportunity to positively influence women around the world.

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Jeanne carefully selects her gemstones, and her malas are as beautiful as they are inspiring. Her collection of these along with her gemstone inspiration bracelets, wrist malas, and new Bali pieces offer something special for everyone. Jeanne even creates a selection of men’s bracelets.

So if you need your spirit lifted, your purpose defined, or you simply want some incredible accessories, check out Jeanne’s site. I have a feeling you’ll become a fan just like me!

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And now, back on the boulevard…


So as I arrived downtown on Sunday to enjoy the Orlando Farmers Market (, I spotted some amazing street art on the corner of Pine Street and Eola Drive. All four corners were beautifully painted with inspiring messages such as the one pictured above. Now I have always been a fan of street art, and I noted that all four pieces had been created by Kristi Hamby ( I wanted to get to know this artist a bit more, so I researched her…and then I gave her a call.

Kristi’s street art journey came alive with the Thornton Park Project. The Thornton Park community wanted to raise awareness of storm drain pollution in the area. Kristi submitted her original designs for the”Only Rain Down the Drain” themed project. Her work was chosen, and a street artist was born.  Kristi’s art is so popular that Thornton Park residents commisioned her to create designs for their street corners as well. Kristi has 13 drains painted so far.

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Kristi is also a contributor to the Thornton Park Selfie Project located in a parking garage at 120 North Eola Drive. By painting ‘selfie murals’, the invited artists are able to share their own story along with that of Thornton Park. It’s also an opportunity to bring the community back to this garage, perhaps to park but most definitely to see the thought-provoking artwork.

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Would you like to see the uplifting work of Kristi Hamby? Just take a stroll downtown, or join her at the Thornton Park Wine & Art Walk on the second Thursday of every month. ( How about I meet you there?

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