Mala madness…

Jeane Verger Jewelry

So I’d like to introduce you to another amazing artisan, Jeanne Verger ( One of the many reasons for which I admire Jeanne is her decision to leave the security of life in corporate America to pursue her bliss.

“It all started with my love for making mala beads. I loved the process of connecting to my heart, designing and knotting each gemstone and infusing them with positive intentions and affirmations,” Jeanne writes.

Jeanne would gift her malas to strangers but later recognized her calling to create exquisite and meaningful jewelry could evolve into an opportunity to positively influence women around the world.

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Jeanne carefully selects her gemstones, and her malas are as beautiful as they are inspiring. Her collection of these along with her gemstone inspiration bracelets, wrist malas, and new Bali pieces offer something special for everyone. Jeanne even creates a selection of men’s bracelets.

So if you need your spirit lifted, your purpose defined, or you simply want some incredible accessories, check out Jeanne’s site. I have a feeling you’ll become a fan just like me!

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