And now, back on the boulevard…


So as I arrived downtown on Sunday to enjoy the Orlando Farmers Market (, I spotted some amazing street art on the corner of Pine Street and Eola Drive. All four corners were beautifully painted with inspiring messages such as the one pictured above. Now I have always been a fan of street art, and I noted that all four pieces had been created by Kristi Hamby ( I wanted to get to know this artist a bit more, so I researched her…and then I gave her a call.

Kristi’s street art journey came alive with the Thornton Park Project. The Thornton Park community wanted to raise awareness of storm drain pollution in the area. Kristi submitted her original designs for the”Only Rain Down the Drain” themed project. Her work was chosen, and a street artist was born.  Kristi’s art is so popular that Thornton Park residents commisioned her to create designs for their street corners as well. Kristi has 13 drains painted so far.

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Kristi is also a contributor to the Thornton Park Selfie Project located in a parking garage at 120 North Eola Drive. By painting ‘selfie murals’, the invited artists are able to share their own story along with that of Thornton Park. It’s also an opportunity to bring the community back to this garage, perhaps to park but most definitely to see the thought-provoking artwork.

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Would you like to see the uplifting work of Kristi Hamby? Just take a stroll downtown, or join her at the Thornton Park Wine & Art Walk on the second Thursday of every month. ( How about I meet you there?

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