The seal…

brown paper envelope on table
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So I am fascinated with the eighteenth-century practice of placing a wax seal to close letters. My interest piqued watching the television series Versailles. During the reign of Louis XIV of France, before envelopes, people simply folded the parchment paper on which was written their correspondence and used a wax seal to secure it. Individuals often had their own unique seal, and this ensured the privacy of a note as well as authenticating a document. Seals were actually used in the earliest civilizations, although they were then created through clay rather than wax.

For me, it is the entire process of sealing that is intriguing. There’s something about the melting of wax, dropping it onto paper, and guiding it into a relatively circular pattern before pressing my “K” seal in place that seems somewhat meditative. The seal has an artistic element that also adds a dignified look to any message.

Stamped Wax Seal with motto Hic Sol Meus below a coat of arms ...

Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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