A Trip to the Movies…

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So when I was a teenager, Saturday night often meant a trip to the movies with friends. But it was a different world then, and I wonder how teenagers can afford this fun activity on a regular basis today.

You see, in my day, going to the movies was fairly cheap. Tickets on a weekend night ran about four or five dollars maximum, and popcorn was far less expensive than it is now. Matinees were awesome as they cost no more than three dollars.

Now the price has gotten ridiculous. It costs $13.69 for one movie ticket, and don’t get me started on popcorn. (FYI: The large popcorn with two large drinks: $20.79.) Imagine young people trying to take out a date. Consider that a family of four could cost about $100 for the movie with all the fixings.

I think I’ll wait until the movie comes out on Netflix, or Hulu, or Amazon…


Stay groovy…


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The Hockey Pucks…

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The Hockey Pucks…


When I was young

I was a bad cook,

and I mean



The only thing

worse than my cooking

was my failed attempts

at baking.


My brownies were famous,

and they acquired

a special nickname:

the hockey pucks…


Yes, the brownies were

very burned,

very hard,

and very unappetizing.


Perhaps it’s this

lack of success then

that made me determined

to bake well now.


It took years

of practice,

of patience,

of perseverance.


But I did it.

I succeeded.

I actually now make a dessert

that is loved by all who try it.


It’s cheesecake.

And it’s awesome.

So much so that I plan

to sample it to those I love.


So be ready.

On my next visit,

I will probably arrive

with cheesecake in hand.


I’ll always be known

for my hockey pucks,

but I’ll also be known for

some delicious cheesecake.


Stay groovy…


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Back to School…

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So we’re into August which means back to school shopping…Now, my kids are in college, so the whole frenzy doesn’t impact me. But my history as a classroom teacher and parent makes this a reflective time. Therefore during the next month or so I will sporadically address that monster known as “Back to School”.

The first item that comes to mind is markers. I have always been a Crayola fan because their colors are vibrant and they do not dry out as quickly as some other brands. But there is a particular type of marker that has gained favor and drives me crazy. The evil scented marker.

Why do these markers bother me so? It’s because they are very distracting to students during class. If a marker is needed, it cannot merely be opened and used. No, it must be smelled, and not just by the owner of said marker. Any student nearby wants to take a whiff as well. If collaboration is required, there is a rush to join the owner of those coveted markers. And there is always at least one student in a meltdown because he or she has only “ordinary” markers.

I respect every parent’s right to purchase whatever markers they desire for their child, but before you purchase, consider having a little empathy for the classroom teacher.


Stay groovy…


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black and gray telephone booth
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So who remembers payphones?

Back in the day, it cost a dime to make a phone call at a public payphone. Over time, the price went up to a quarter…I believe later it went even higher, but I have been a cellphone user for so long, I didn’t keep up with the payphone cost hikes.

Bottom line, those devices have gone the way of the dinosaur. For the most part…

Payphones still exist in airports, but the number is being steadily reduced as more and more people carry a phone at all times.

I recall in high school using the payphone to call Mom when I needed to be picked up after a track meet. If she wasn’t home, I hung out and tried again later. I couldn’t catch Mom on the road and say, “Swing by an get me when you finish at the market.” She didn’t have a cell phone. No one did.

Today, my kids shoot me a text when they need me. If I’m out and about, I just add them to my list of stops. It’s a different world now…


Stay groovy…


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close photography of grilled meat on griddle

So, it’s summer and you know what that means: grillin’…

If there’s ever the perfect time to grill a burger or steak, it’s in the summertime. Some people are so devoted to grilling, that they do not let bad weather get in the way of the perfect meal.

Take Mom…She is an expert griller and some of our best meals growing up came from the grill…even during winter…

You see Mom is such a devoted fan of grilling that she would go onto the patio during a major snowstorm in Indiana to grill our steaks. I kid you not; Mom would be in a winter coat and boots with snow falling heavily from the sky lighting up the grill. She’d come back inside to get the tenderized and marinated meat and would dash out to the patio to grill our meal. And it was always delicious.

I don’t know if I fully appreciated the awesomeness of this practice when I was young. But as an adult, I so get it. Thank you, Mom, for the years of yummy BBQ, no matter what the season.


Stay groovy…


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Stranger Things and the 80s…

stranger things letter tiles
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So Ethan has gotten me into the Netflix original Stranger Things. I’m usually not a fan of the sci-fi genre, but my son feels this show qualifies as a horror series. Either way, I love the show.

One element that attracts me to Stranger Things is the tie-in to the 80s. I attended college during this decade, and we tend to identify with the music we danced to during that time. And dance we did…

Stranger Things does an excellent job of representing the 80s in all its glory. The clothing is hysterical…Did we actually wear those outfits? And the music…oh the music! I drive my kids crazy because I sing along when the 80s songs are blaring in the background of the scene.

One element of the show is causing some controversy. Some of the main adult characters smoke, such as Joyce and in particular, Hopper. Apparently this season, parents have complained about this, and the writers intend to not portray characters smoking in future seasons.

Now, I don’t like smoking. But in the 80s, smoking was quite common. Sure, people knew that it was unhealthy, but often they had started smoking before the information about the negative health impact was available. So to have people smoking is appropriate to the timeframe, and to abruptly remove it is inauthentic. I don’t believe young children would see Hopper smoking and think, “Wow! That’s cool.” In addition, I don’t believe that Stranger Things is appropriate for those same young kids.

Just my opinion. If you’re a fan of the 80s, check it out…


Stay groovy…


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The Bucket Family…

little boy playing in the sand
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So this particular blog entry may only be significant to my family, but it’s a tale that must be told.

Today, while teaching my students in China, the vocabulary term “bucket” came up. It immediately brought back a childhood memory:

My parents were out of town and my Uncle David was staying with us. Amy and Todd, the youngest two of six kids, loved Blueberry Buckle baby food. Uncle David was always a joking fellow, so he told the kids they were members of the “Buckle family”. There’s Amy Buckle, Todd Buckle, Mommy Buckle, Daddy Buckle, etc…

As Amy and Todd were still eating baby food, you can imagine that their pronunciation of most words would be questionable. That was the case here. They referred to us as the “Bucket family”. That’s Amy Bucket, Todd Bucket, Mommy Bucket, Daddy Bucket, etc…

For years we continued to make reference to the Bucket family. I had completely forgotten about it until the vocabulary term “bucket” appeared in the lesson today. It’s amazing how one word can stir up memories…


Stay groovy…


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