Field Hockey…

group of woman playing on green field during daytime
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So during our years up North, our family had plenty of opportunities to skate and play ice hockey. This was made possible due to the awesome ice skating rink our Grandpa Joe built us back in the day. How do you replicate that fun when you move to sunny Florida? It’s simple: You switch to field hockey (also known as street hockey).

I’ll never forget the Christmas that “Santa” brought us field hockey goals, sticks, and balls.  Santa always brought us a family gift, and when we saw the field hockey set up, we couldn’t wait to get outside, divided into teams, and enjoy some heavy competition. We always loved to play as a group, but we even had fun playing one-on-one or just practicing our shots. This was a family favorite gift for many years.

How about you? What gifts from your childhood do you remember well? Maybe Santa will bring you one tonight…


Stay groovy…


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