Getting Tucked In…

woman sleeping
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Do you remember getting tucked in as a child? There was nothing better than Mom or Dad coming in before bed to make sure you were cuddled in your blankets ready for sleep. I was tucked in, and I tucked my kids in too.

I’m not really sure at what age I stopped tucking in Sammy and Ethan. Ethan recalls it being during middle school because he would stay up later than I did to finish homework. Well, the roles are now reversed…

You see, our running joke is that Ethan now tucks us in. Stef and I are on opposite schedules from the kids, so we are in bed long before they are. Before we drift off to sleep, Ethan always pops in to wish us a good night. And it’s wonderful! I know why kids love being tucked in because I love it too (even at my age)…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)


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