Black Friday…Already??

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So now that we’ve run into November, all of the holiday commercials have started. But here’s the one that has me perplexed:

Black Friday…Already??

As we all know, Black Friday is the busiest shopping day of the year falling on the day after Thanksgiving. So this year that date is November 29th.

Many stores are advertising Black Friday prices starting now! Why bother having Black Friday if you can get the deals 27 days ahead of schedule.

Perhaps it’s because Thanksgiving falls so late this year, that the shops are trying to maximize on the dollars in a tighter period of time. Or maybe they are trying to appeal to shoppers like me, who normally do not brave the crowds on Black Friday. Either way it’s just odd to see those adds so early in the season.

Oh well…I guess I’ll go shopping…


Stay groovy…


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Halloween Candy…

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So tonight is Halloween, and the kids will be knocking on your door with adorable or scary costumes, smiling faces, and a gleeful “Trick or Treat!” Are you ready? Do you have enough candy?

If you’re like many people, you HAD enough candy. Because if you bought treats too early, you may be just about out by now. Oh, it’s not only you who has enjoyed them. Your husband, your kids, and their friends have all noshed on those sweet goodies ahead of the big night.

So dash out to market to pick up more bonbons. I’ll see you there, along with the rest of the neighborhood.


Stay groovy…


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Independence Day Celebration…

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Hot dogs sizzling on the grill,

festivals galore,

cold beer in the cooler,


children’s laughter,

red, white, and blue,

splashing in the pool,

flags everywhere,

gathering with friends and family,


music playing,

apple pie,

and parades.


Just some of the elements of a perfect Independence Day celebration.

Have fun and be safe…


Stay groovy…


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Independence Day

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So we celebrate Independence Day tomorrow. In many ways, it’s one of our most important holidays, as this is when we honor when our country gained freedom. Ideally, we also offer gratitude to those who have served or currently serve.

Somehow the holiday name has changed over time. By many people, it’s referred to as the Fourth of July. Yes, the holiday does fall on July 4th, but in changing how we reference it, we lose that important component of “independence”.

Those who know me will recognize that I have a bit of an attitude about the name change. We don’t refer to Christmas as the 25th of December. We don’t call Thanksgiving the 4th Thursday of November.

So why the Fourth of July? Let’s reflect. This holiday is more than barbeques, apple pie, and fireworks. It’s a time to reflect on and celebrate what makes this country great. Our freedom…our independence…

Happy Independence Day! Enjoy the day and be safe…


Stay groovy…


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peepsThis one’s for you, Mom…

So with Easter less than a month away, it’s time for me to begin writing about the Peeps. I say “begin writing” because those of you who know me well will recognize that the Peeps are so important that they will warrant more than one blog entry. No, I am not kidding…

So I’ll begin with my favorite Peep story. I’ve been a fan of the Peeps since I was a small child. My mother knew this and would occasionally surprise me with an unexpected pack of Peeps which I so appreciated. I arrived home as a young adult to a package of the Peep “bunnies” on my bed.

As I thanked my mom, she replied, “I know how you love your Peeps.”

I stated, “Well, they’re not actually Peeps.”

Mom: “Yes, they are.”

Me: “No, they aren’t.”

Mom: “Yes, they are.”

Me: “No, they’re bunnies.”

Mom: “It’s the same thing.”

Me: “No Mom. A bunny’s a bunny, and a Peep’s a Peep.”

And since then every year when the Peeps make their first appearance in the market, I call my mother and say:

“Please always remember and don’t ever forget, a bunny’s a bunny, and a Peep’s a Peep.”

And Mom always chuckles…


Stay groovy…


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