Wrapping Paper…

green wrapped fabric
Photo by icon0.com on Pexels.com

So Christmas day has passed, and you are perhaps surrounded by piles of ripped and crumpled wrapping paper, ribbons, and boxes. As you gather all the rubbish and make your way to the recycle bin, you may be like me and reflect on how people used to handle the post-Christmas mess.

According to my Mom, unwrapping presents was a neater experience back in the day. People didn’t open packages with reckless abandon because the paper, boxes, and ribbon all had to be saved. You would gingerly tear along the tape and carefully remove the paper and ribbon from around the gift. That paper would be gently laid into a pile. After the gifts were all unwrapped, the task of ironing and preserving the paper and wrapping materials began. Once flattened and crisp again, everything was neatly stored in a drawer for use again next year. It was a different time, and people were less apt to waste anything. Could you imagine doing that today?


Stay groovy…


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