Independence Day

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So we celebrate Independence Day tomorrow. In many ways, it’s one of our most important holidays, as this is when we honor when our country gained freedom. Ideally, we also offer gratitude to those who have served or currently serve.

Somehow the holiday name has changed over time. By many people, it’s referred to as the Fourth of July. Yes, the holiday does fall on July 4th, but in changing how we reference it, we lose that important component of “independence”.

Those who know me will recognize that I have a bit of an attitude about the name change. We don’t refer to Christmas as the 25th of December. We don’t call Thanksgiving the 4th Thursday of November.

So why the Fourth of July? Let’s reflect. This holiday is more than barbeques, apple pie, and fireworks. It’s a time to reflect on and celebrate what makes this country great. Our freedom…our independence…

Happy Independence Day! Enjoy the day and be safe…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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