The Checkbook Cover…

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So I got my daughter an adorable purse with a matching wallet for her birthday. She loved it, and it keeps her from having to bring her backpack everywhere. But there was one humorous aspect to the gift…

When Sammy was filling her new wallet, she pulled out the checkbook cover with a perplexed look on her face.

“What’s this?” she inquired.

I explained that it was a checkbook cover, and she immediately burst into laughter. Although she knows what checks are, Sammy has never owned any. I’m currently out of them with no plans for putting in an order. I’m not sure if Sammy has even seen a check in her adult life. As a matter of fact, I know very few people who use checks anymore.

So at what point will they stop including this antiquated item with the wallet?


Stay groovy…


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63 Years…

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63 Years…My parents have been married 63 years today. Now, in this day and age, that is very impressive.

I think their biggest accomplishment during these years is reflected in the family that they raised. Six kids, 17 grand kids, all happy and living their dreams. It is their influence that has made us the people we are today.

Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad! You are amazing role models and the wonderful life I have today is a credit to you. Thank you for guiding and encouraging me every day. I am grateful you are my parents, and I love you very much!


Stay groovy…


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Our History…

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So my Mom did a really cool thing. She wrote a book…And this book is important. In fact, I believe it is the most important book I’ve ever read. It’s a history book…Mom’s history. In reading it, I am learning all about my family and how we came to be.

Mom published it about four years ago. When I originally read it, I made the error of going out of sequence. I flipped through the book, to parts that looked interesting. I don’t know why, but about a week ago, I picked it up again and began reading…from the beginning.

In reading from the beginning, I gained an amazing perspective about what makes Mom Mom. I learned about family members I’ve never met, and stories that had been told by mouth had even more detail and explanation in the book. I learned about life before modern technology took over and the simple pleasures enjoyed by those who came before us.

This history book got me to thinking: If Mom had not put down the words, the descriptions, the stories then at some point down the line, they might have been lost forever. She’s now working on another book with stories moving forward from her time growing up, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and read it…from the beginning…

I recommend to everyone that they talk to family more. Hear the old stories. Commit them to memory or better yet record the stories in print or on video. Keep the memories alive…


Stay groovy…


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The Dock…

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The Dock…

Growing up in Miami

we were lucky to live on a canal.

Lucky because there was so much

that happened on the dock.

Just sitting with our feet in the water

helped to cool us on a hot summer day.

We had a very small boat anchored

that offered adventure as we paddled through the water.

We had homemade fishing poles:

sticks with a bit of bread tied to the end of the string.

And we felt such excitement when we actually caught a fish,

although we quickly threw it back.

Every spring the ducks would come quacking

with their dozen babies following behind.

The bread was handy again as we fed them

and pet the soft fur of the smallest ones.

And sometimes we even took a quick dive in

and splashed about with glee.

That was so many years ago,

but I will always remember

the fun times as we sat

on the dock…


Stay groovy…


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The Nuggets…

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The Nuggets…

They are two of a kind:

the nuggets.

My great-nephews

whose ages are four and five.

It seems that just yesterday

they were babies.

And then they crawled

and walked.

And now they are two individuals

with personalities all their own.

As I watched them this previous weekend

I pondered how time moves so quickly.

It seems just yesterday

their dad was a nugget himself.

Dashing about as only children do

exploring the unknown world.

And now he’s a successful adult

with children of his own.

And in what will seem like a blink of an eye

the nuggets will have nuggets of their own, too.


Stay groovy…


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Reunion Time…

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Reunion Time…

40+ family members come together

to hang out on Melbourne Beach.

We gather under umbrellas

and chill on the chaise lounges.

We play football, baseball,

and boogie board in the surf.

We swim in the pool

and relax in the hot tub.

We take over restaurants

and dine like kings.

We talk, tell stories, and laugh; 

Oh, how we laugh!

We take so many pictures;

some formal and some not.

They’ll be compiled into an

amazing book for next year.

We gather in the party room

and tell tales of years past.

We are loud, and

we are fun.

We gaze joyfully at Mom and Dad

who got this incredible group started back in 1957.

And are grateful that they, along with Tammy, Bob,

and others lend their talents to make this happen.

Our time to visit.

Our time to catch up.

Our reunion…


Stay groovy…


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Baby Brother Beotch…


So we’re at Bunky’s on Friday night in Melbourne Beach, and I’m enjoying wine and chat with my baby brother, Todd. (I always laugh at the phrase “baby brother” as he is 49 years old.)

Now Todd is forever the family comedian, and he’s always handing out challenges. As we’re talking we could hear the following playing in the background:

“…Love me love me

Say that you love me

Fool me fool me

Go on and fool me…”


Todd: “I bet you don’t know this band.”

Me: “Let me think a minute.”

Todd: “You’ll never get it. You just don’t know. You’ll never get it.”

Me: “The Cardigans.”

Todd: “BOOM! You showed me. I’m your beotch. Your baby brother beotch.”


Yes, Todd…You are my beotch. You’re also one of my favorite people. Love you, Dude. Thanks for always making me laugh…


Stay groovy…


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Where did all the food go?

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So I called Mom yesterday and asked, “How the hell did you manage to feed six kids when I can barely keep the pantry full with only two?”

Yup…kids…Where do they put it? You come home from the market with enough food to feed an army, and the next day the cupboard is bare.

I remember as a child taking trips to the grocery store. Mom walked in with all of us in tow. With six kids to feed, we usually left with three carts full of food. Mom said cereal was the big secret. If we needed a snack between meals there was always plenty of healthy cereal available.

I guess every generation of parents recognizes the same thing. Growing kids consume massive amounts of food. So be prepared to do one oversized trip a week sprinkled in with quick stops to pick up “just one more thing”.

The daily trip to the supermarket…It may be a pain, but I’ll sure miss it when I’m an empty nester someday.


Stay groovy…


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Star Wars action figures and such…

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So Ethan and Stef discovered their common interest in Star Wars action figures. I don’t know how the topic came up, but I walked into my room to discover Ethan’s Star Wars box open and the two of them going through and talking in great detail about the figures. (Boy, that was a long sentence!)

It was so fun to listen to them go on about the rarity of certain figures and to hear Stef say, “I had one like that when I was a kid.” To see Ethan rediscover characters he forgot he had brought a chuckle.

Han Solo, Princess Leah, Darth Vadar, Yoda, Chewbacca, Storm Troopers, Luke Skywalker, Mace Windu, Jabba the Hut’s Palace Band, Obi-Wan, Ewoks, Darth Maul, Emperor Palpatine, R2D2, and C3PO were all represented, to name just some of the plethora of Star Wars action figures Ethan collected over the years. It made Stef wish he still had his childhood collection to compare.

It was pretty cool to watch. May the force be with you!


Stay groovy…


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