Baby Brother Beotch…


So we’re at Bunky’s on Friday night in Melbourne Beach, and I’m enjoying wine and chat with my baby brother, Todd. (I always laugh at the phrase “baby brother” as he is 49 years old.)

Now Todd is forever the family comedian, and he’s always handing out challenges. As we’re talking we could hear the following playing in the background:

“…Love me love me

Say that you love me

Fool me fool me

Go on and fool me…”


Todd: “I bet you don’t know this band.”

Me: “Let me think a minute.”

Todd: “You’ll never get it. You just don’t know. You’ll never get it.”

Me: “The Cardigans.”

Todd: “BOOM! You showed me. I’m your beotch. Your baby brother beotch.”


Yes, Todd…You are my beotch. You’re also one of my favorite people. Love you, Dude. Thanks for always making me laugh…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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