Our History…

men and women standing infront of dining table
Photo by Lisa Fotios on Pexels.com

So my Mom did a really cool thing. She wrote a book…And this book is important. In fact, I believe it is the most important book I’ve ever read. It’s a history book…Mom’s history. In reading it, I am learning all about my family and how we came to be.

Mom published it about four years ago. When I originally read it, I made the error of going out of sequence. I flipped through the book, to parts that looked interesting. I don’t know why, but about a week ago, I picked it up again and began reading…from the beginning.

In reading from the beginning, I gained an amazing perspective about what makes Mom Mom. I learned about family members I’ve never met, and stories that had been told by mouth had even more detail and explanation in the book. I learned about life before modern technology took over and the simple pleasures enjoyed by those who came before us.

This history book got me to thinking: If Mom had not put down the words, the descriptions, the stories then at some point down the line, they might have been lost forever. She’s now working on another book with stories moving forward from her time growing up, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and read it…from the beginning…

I recommend to everyone that they talk to family more. Hear the old stories. Commit them to memory or better yet record the stories in print or on video. Keep the memories alive…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)


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