The Bucket Family…

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So this particular blog entry may only be significant to my family, but it’s a tale that must be told.

Today, while teaching my students in China, the vocabulary term “bucket” came up. It immediately brought back a childhood memory:

My parents were out of town and my Uncle David was staying with us. Amy and Todd, the youngest two of six kids, loved Blueberry Buckle baby food. Uncle David was always a joking fellow, so he told the kids they were members of the “Buckle family”. There’s Amy Buckle, Todd Buckle, Mommy Buckle, Daddy Buckle, etc…

As Amy and Todd were still eating baby food, you can imagine that their pronunciation of most words would be questionable. That was the case here. They referred to us as the “Bucket family”. That’s Amy Bucket, Todd Bucket, Mommy Bucket, Daddy Bucket, etc…

For years we continued to make reference to the Bucket family. I had completely forgotten about it until the vocabulary term “bucket” appeared in the lesson today. It’s amazing how one word can stir up memories…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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