I hate you…

person standing near lake
Photo by Lukas Rychvalsky on Pexels.com

I am fortunate to be married to the most wonderful man in the world! However, in my previous relationship…Well, let’s just say the following poem says it all…

I hate you…

I hate you for a thousand reasons, and here are just a few:

You’re manipulative, mean and dastardly, always dictating what I do.

Why is everything my fault regardless of what occurred?

You always rewrite history, with “facts” that are quite absurd.

You can’t even hold down a job, you lazy, lousy fuck!

Expect full and part-time work from me (by the way, that really SUCKED!).

I regret being with you for a year, much less the 19 I put up with your shit.

The only good in our relationship is that I ended it!

You’re a pond scum bastard who is nothing more than dog shit under my shoes.

So get your lazy ass on the open road and find another family to use.

Because this one left the station, and we have more important things to do than spend a single moment putting up with the likes of you!

Stay groovy…


Copyright Susie Krivacic 2018





4 thoughts on “I hate you…

  1. I am so sorry you had such an experience and am thankful for your 2 beautiful children. You have done a good job and have a beautiful young lady for a daughter and a handsome polite young man for a son. Love ya


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