Shut up!

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So here is my question of the day: What is with the phrase, “Shut up!”? Now it’s not a profane expression, yet it is rather unpleasant. The words in insolation are not at issue but put them together with a hostile tonal quality, then you’ve got something ugly.

But why “Shut up!”? You see, “up” tends to evoke feelings of being lifted, of rising, obtaining a higher position, being in a cheerful mood…

When people say or often yell, “Shut up!”, what they are really trying to do is shut you DOWN…

Down: adjective, directed or moving toward a lower place or position; verb, knock or bring to the ground…

The speaker of this questionable phrase is trying to edit you, get you to cease speaking because perhaps you speak the truth and this is quite threatening to that individual.

So if you find yourself on the caustic end of “Shut up!”, just go ahead and chuckle to yourself. You know that the person speaking is a complete dolt whose limited vocabulary forces him/her to utilize a trite phrase with the sole intent of intimidation.

Oh, and you may also want to buy them a dictionary…

Stay groovy…


Copyright Susie Krivacic 2018

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