Is everybody high?

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Okay people, so I’m taking a bit of a risk here. As a writer, I love unstructured poetry, and I have written my fair share of pieces. Although I am a positive person, my poetry writing tends to lean toward a dark side. Now, I won’t shock you with a really dark entry today, however, I feel it is time to unleash the poetic beast.

Initially, I was looking for a picture to accompany my post “Is Everybody High?”. The “high” reference initially brought forth photos of people standing on skyscrapers. So then I’m thinking, let’s pull a picture of weed. So as I entered “weed” in the picture search, I got dandelions and such. Then I entered “smoking pot”. I got metal pots boiling on a stove. After a bit, I stumbled upon the above picture. I don’t know if it’s dope or a cigarette…but whatever.

Let me add a disclaimer here that I don’t smoke marijuana, although I support a person’s right to imbibe. I also love America, however, I am fascinated by the world’s perspective of our country. I am a defender of our first amendment rights, and I am concerned that that right is eroding. Please keep in mind as you read my work that I do love our country. I feel the need to specifically state this because lately citizens are being metaphorically crucified for exercising free speech. By the way, this poem was originally written in 2013 but edited today.

Okay here goes…Fingers crossed…Feel free to exercise your right to free speech in the comments section.

Is Everybody High?

Susie Krivacic

As I look around this crazy world I find myself wondering, “Is everybody high?”

The lack of logic by our leaders puts everyone at a distinct disadvantage.

Europeans believe we are completely daft:

After paying our taxes, we pay enormous fees for our healthcare while theirs is free.

We have become so politically correct that free speech has all but vanished.

We have become so enticed by reality television and our potential 15 minutes of fame that we spend more time daydreaming about an alternate life rather than build a current one.

We work, work, work, work…with limited vacation time.

Europeans start their careers with six weeks of holiday, yet it takes us 20 years with one company to earn even close to that amount.

They travel the world, yet we barely explore what our own country has to offer much less others.

They enjoy leisurely meals, wine at lunch, visiting and savoring each day.

We eat on the fly, using drive-through windows and eat in our car rather than at a table.

We are losing contact with those we love and spending time with those we don’t because we are continuously stuck at work, spending less and less time with our families.

So I ask myself again:

Is everyone high? (in America)…

Stay groovy…


Copyright Susie Krivacic 2018


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