Meanwhile, back at the coffee house…


One of my favorite local spots in Orlando (okay, actually Winter Park), is Austin’s Coffee ( Not only do they have a wide variety of excellent coffee and tea, but they also serve numerous adult beverages and scrumptious nibbles. More significant…Austin’s hosts live entertainment nearly every night.

Now what makes this hang out even more special is that the live entertainment is in an open mic format. Check out Austin’s website noted above under the “Events” icon. Austin’s hosts local up and coming talent for general music, jazz, hip hop, stand up comedy, and poetry. It’s a fun, safe environment for artists to share their work and welcomes an eclectic group of friendly patrons.

I had the pleasure of attending a poetry slam at Austin’s just last night. The first poet, Arjun Bala, has been on the poetry scene for a little over a year, and he’s making an impact. After being mesmerized by his spoken word, I was thrilled to discover that he is the featured artist on Friday, July 13, 2018 at the Friday NYte SpotLYte by 1000 Tongues Production. Stop by Dodie’s Place, 1516 East Colonial Drive Suite 304 Orlando, FL 32803 at 9:00 pm. Your $10 donation helps raise money for the “Homeless Poet”, a poet who lives on the streets of Paramour.

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A good time, a good cause…What more could you ask for?

Stay groovy…



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