I am my keys…

monochrome photography of keys
Photo by George Becker on Pexels.com

Have you ever lost your keys? If you have, you more than likely experienced sheer panic. Even the coolest cat in town will come unglued when the all important keys go missing. But why?

Our keys are so much more than merely a means to enter our home, start our car, or open our confidential file cabinet. To most, keys represent security for ourselves, our family, and our property.

So the very act of losing our keys makes us feel vulnerable. We dash around our space searching, searching, and searching some more. We retrace our steps, and retrace our steps, and retrace our steps again. We engage anyone within earshot to help us find our keys. After wrapping all of those around us into a total frenzy, we find them…We always find them. Seriously, have you ever known someone to lose a set of keys and never again locate them? Unless you flush them down a toilet or drop them down a sewer, they will more than likely turn up.

Lyrics from Jack Johnson’s song “Losing Keys” makes an interesting point:

“I’ve been losing lots of keys lately
I don’t know what that means
But maybe I’d be better off with things that can’t be locked at all”

Referenced: (https://genius.com/Jack-johnson-losing-keys-lyrics)

Keys: Are we locking others out, or are we locking ourselves in? Something to ponder…

Stay Groovy…


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