Cream or sugar? (Coffee House Part 2…)

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So my visit to Austin’s Coffee ( was so fabulous, that my blog post about my experience is a two part summary. See yesterday’s blog “Meanwhile, back at the Coffee House” for Part 1.

Upon my arrival, I had the pleasure of meeting Prophet, a writer new to the open mic poetry scene. He was very friendly, and we struck up a conversation immediately. That night was his first time presenting his poetry in a public forum. Prophet was very passionate about his message. He had overcome difficulty in his childhood and started writing because he needed a change. “I needed a medium to be able to express myself and better understand myself,” Prophet shared with me.

As he took the stage, Prophet’s message gripped the audience as he rapped a poem entitled “Hidden Brilliance” that reflected on the realities of life. He was so engaging and committed to his craft that the onlookers were riveted. One of the delightful aspects of this open mic forum is that it fosters an immediate sense of community. I not only heard amazing poetry, but I made new friends.

An added bonus of the evening is that Sammy and I presented our poetry to the group as well. Our work was well received, and it’s so exciting to have passed down a love of writing to my daughter. I’ve often said of her, “I know I can write, but Sammy is better!”

Stay groovy…





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