Prosperity through product placement…


So the tale of our family reunion continues with a bit of whimsy. When I placed my toiletries case on the bathroom counter as I unpacked my luggage at the Hilton Melbourne Beach (, I noted a difference from the previous years’ generic toiletries. I was pleasantly surprised to see the Crabtree & Evelyn brand ( Now I haven’t given a thought to that particular product line in years. I used to see storefronts for these toiletries in many a mall, however recently they were hard to come by, at least in my town. So over time, I simply forgot the brand existed and also forgot how wonderful the soaps, shampoos, and lotions were.

Now I have extremely sensitive skin. I must be very careful as I choose any product, and one wrong decision turns me into an itchy mess! I approached my Crabtree & Evelyn soap with cautious optimism. To my delight, my skin not only accepted the Verbena and Lavender soap, but it thrived! The body lotion, the shampoo, the conditioner…WOW!!

It got me pondering the prosperity that product placement generates. I am now online ordering Crabtree & Evelyn products, yet I would have never rediscovered them had the Hilton not supplied these treasures in my hotel room. Are many others choosing Crabtree & Evelyn now due to that product placement? It is most likely so…

“…It’s standard for brands to actively approach hoteliers about their offerings…Some beauty/hygiene companies are specifically focused on the hotel market, while others see it as an opportunity to get their products in front of guests who might then buy the products independently. ”

Referenced: (

So now I wait for the delivery of my Crabtree & Evelyn soap, lotion, shampoo, and conditioner. Thank you, Hilton! From me…and my skin!

Stay Groovy…



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