The Hockey Pucks…

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The Hockey Pucks…


When I was young

I was a bad cook,

and I mean



The only thing

worse than my cooking

was my failed attempts

at baking.


My brownies were famous,

and they acquired

a special nickname:

the hockey pucks…


Yes, the brownies were

very burned,

very hard,

and very unappetizing.


Perhaps it’s this

lack of success then

that made me determined

to bake well now.


It took years

of practice,

of patience,

of perseverance.


But I did it.

I succeeded.

I actually now make a dessert

that is loved by all who try it.


It’s cheesecake.

And it’s awesome.

So much so that I plan

to sample it to those I love.


So be ready.

On my next visit,

I will probably arrive

with cheesecake in hand.


I’ll always be known

for my hockey pucks,

but I’ll also be known for

some delicious cheesecake.


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)



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