Back to School…

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So we’re into August which means back to school shopping…Now, my kids are in college, so the whole frenzy doesn’t impact me. But my history as a classroom teacher and parent makes this a reflective time. Therefore during the next month or so I will sporadically address that monster known as “Back to School”.

The first item that comes to mind is markers. I have always been a Crayola fan because their colors are vibrant and they do not dry out as quickly as some other brands. But there is a particular type of marker that has gained favor and drives me crazy. The evil scented marker.

Why do these markers bother me so? It’s because they are very distracting to students during class. If a marker is needed, it cannot merely be opened and used. No, it must be smelled, and not just by the owner of said marker. Any student nearby wants to take a whiff as well. If collaboration is required, there is a rush to join the owner of those coveted markers. And there is always at least one student in a meltdown because he or she has only “ordinary” markers.

I respect every parent’s right to purchase whatever markers they desire for their child, but before you purchase, consider having a little empathy for the classroom teacher.


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)


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