Stranger Things and the 80s…

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So Ethan has gotten me into the Netflix original Stranger Things. I’m usually not a fan of the sci-fi genre, but my son feels this show qualifies as a horror series. Either way, I love the show.

One element that attracts me to Stranger Things is the tie-in to the 80s. I attended college during this decade, and we tend to identify with the music we danced to during that time. And dance we did…

Stranger Things does an excellent job of representing the 80s in all its glory. The clothing is hysterical…Did we actually wear those outfits? And the music…oh the music! I drive my kids crazy because I sing along when the 80s songs are blaring in the background of the scene.

One element of the show is causing some controversy. Some of the main adult characters smoke, such as Joyce and in particular, Hopper. Apparently this season, parents have complained about this, and the writers intend to not portray characters smoking in future seasons.

Now, I don’t like smoking. But in the 80s, smoking was quite common. Sure, people knew that it was unhealthy, but often they had started smoking before the information about the negative health impact was available. So to have people smoking is appropriate to the timeframe, and to abruptly remove it is inauthentic. I don’t believe young children would see Hopper smoking and think, “Wow! That’s cool.” In addition, I don’t believe that Stranger Things is appropriate for those same young kids.

Just my opinion. If you’re a fan of the 80s, check it out…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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