Siblings are cool…

girl and three boys on staircase
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So I grew up in a large family with three brothers and two sisters. The cool thing about growing up with so many siblings is that there is always someone to hang out with. We weren’t just siblings…We were friends.

We often ran around with the other neighborhood kids just like all children do, but if many were away on holiday, we always had each other.

We played typical games such as hide and seek and kick the can but we also had a singing group. Now, this is comical as not one of us could carry a tune, but we had fun doing it. We’d even put on holiday plays for our parents complete with costumes. We had bike races, football games, whiffle ball games, and red rover competitions. We ice skated and played ice hockey. We swam for hours on end playing Marco Polo or water basketball.

All we really needed was each other. If you have siblings, you know what I’m talking about…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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