A white dog in two feet of snow…

close up of snowflakes on snow against sky
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

So I’m continuing to think back to my days as a child in Indiana. We had this cute scrap of fur, a white Maltese dog named P2. Maltese dogs are in the “toy” category, so they are very small. You want to know what can be an adventure? It’s walking a small white dog in two feet of snow.

One winter morning, it was my turn to take P2 out. I was carrying her, hoping to find an area for her to do her business that wasn’t so dense from the storm. You see, the snow had fallen the night before, and a very thick blanket covered our back yard to the tune of two feet.

As I was walking, P2 jumped from my arms into the fluffy snow. Her leash was intact, but she had totally gotten away from me. Near panic began to set in. I couldn’t see P2 anywhere.

As I gazed at the backyard, left and right, I suddenly caught a glimpse of her. Well, not of her actually. I saw a path scurrying through the snow. And P2 was moving quickly. I raced through the path, caught up to her, and scooped that damp pile of fur into my arms. A warm dry towel next to the fire got her comfortable within a few minutes.

After that, I made sure to hold tight to that leash, particularly on a snowy morning…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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