I’ll get it…

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So those of you raised in the 1970s know that familiar phrase (often spoken in a yell), “I’ll get it.” What will the person get? The phone…

You see, in the 70s cell phones not only didn’t exist, but the average person couldn’t imagine that soon we would have “phones” that had the ability to operate like a computer.

Phones back then were attached to the wall and had a cord that limited where you could speak on said phone. Some families bought extra long cords, so teenagers could talk in their rooms. We had to be careful not to trip over that long cord running from the kitchen, down the hall.

Let’s get back to the phrase, “I’ll get it.” People did not have individual phones, but one shared phone in the family. Sometimes you shared with neighbors as well (remember “party lines”). So when the phone rang, no one knew who the call was for. Therefore one or multiple kids in the house would yell, “I’ll get it,” as they raced down the hall to the kitchen phone to be the first to pick up the receiver.

I’ll never forget one of the many times that happened at my house. My brother and I ran smack into each other as we dashed to be the one to “get it”. I kid you not, we head-butted each other, and I recall seeing stars.

It’s different today, as we each have our own phones with different rings. If it’s not your phone, you let voicemail pick it up. No need to holler, “I’ll get it.” Sometimes I miss the 70s…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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