So what’s with the shoulders?

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So I’ll never forget a shoulder mishap I had many years ago. I was teaching a fourth-grade class here in Orlando, and it was the night of Open House. I had stopped home to cook dinner for the kids before I returned to school for the big event. I planned to sport a sweet spaghetti strap dress that I always wore with a cream sweater to cover my shoulders. I changed and dashed back to school.

Upon arrival, I put on my “sweater”. Oops! I had inadvertently brought a vest (same color, same material). At this point, I had two options. I could race home to retrieve said sweater and risk having parents waiting on the late teacher, or tough it out and go with it. Keep in mind, it was a very appropriate and adorable dress, except for the exposed shoulders.

When the parents arrived, I made a joke of my “inappropriate” attire, and we all had a good laugh over the overscheduled teacher accidentally grabbing a vest on the fly. Needless to say, no one seemed to care and we had a great visit that evening.

Or so I thought…No, it wasn’t the parents who got upset; It was my administration at school. When called to the carpet, I explained the circumstances behind the mishap and how I handled it. Not a single parent complained, but the prudish admin team acted as if I had committed the worst possible sin.

The sarcastic side of me could not resist poking fun at the absurdity of the situation. Any time I wore something that required me to “cover up” I would walk through the front office and model my top layer. After all, I wouldn’t want to risk stirring everyone up into a sexual frenzy over my exposed shoulders. Yes, I’m a smartass…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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