Customer Service?

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So do you remember back in the day, when you pulled into a service station, you drove over a hose, and a bell rang? Someone in the station office would look up and saunter over to your car. “Hello, Joe,” you would call if you knew the proprietor (which you probably did). If not, a simple sir would do. You not only got your gas pumped, but your windows were washed, your oil and radiator fluid was checked, and your tire pressure was monitored.

Those were the days when customer service actually existed. Today the only person who will pump your gas or wash your windows is you. And good luck if something goes wrong at the pump. The “not my job” attitude will prevail.

I remember back in the early 1980s when the self-service gas station was becoming more prevalent, you could still get full-service gas in Gainesville, Florida. It cost more per gallon, but at least it was available. Over time that small convenience fell away, as full-service gas stations went the way of the dinosaur.

It bothers me that in their 80s unless someone performs a random act of kindness, my parents are pumping their own gas. We can never go back to that simpler time when customer service actually mattered.


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