two yellow labrador retriever puppies
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So, I may be stating the obvious, but dogs are kinda neat. If you choose a breed that is a match for your family, you’ll have more than a pet.

Dogs are very intelligent, and they develop an individual personality just like humans. Our dog, Lilly, is a 42-pound lap dog. She’s a Goldendoodle who loves to cuddle and get plenty of belly rubs. Lilly knows if we are unwell and will lay beside us to offer support. She demonstrates her smarts by showing she knows the answer to so many questions, not just commands. Just to name a few:

“Lilly, is it time?” She immediately interprets that it is time to eat or take her medicine. She always seems to know which one we mean.

“Lilly, are you ready?” She knows it’s time to go outside and play.

“Lilly, where is Sammy?” She’ll run upstairs and hop next to Sammy on the bed.

When growing up, we had a Bouvier des Flandres names Money. This dog was convinced she was a human. One day Mom called all of the kids to the living room to help move furniture:

“Kids, come in here please,” Mom called.

Who was the first one there? You guessed it: It was Money.


Stay groovy…


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