Where have all the photo albums gone?

gray scale photos
Photo by Valeria Boltneva on Pexels.com

So…the photo album…For decades a staple of the family room. Mom would show pictures of you when you were small to your date, and you would turn beet red and groan.

Before acid-free paper, images would fade over time. The tape or glue would become less effective, and the wayward photo or two would fall out of the picture book once it’s raised to eye level.

Now, this once loved method of preserving family history has been replaced with digital photography which requires no actual processing and printing. Gone are the days of pulling out a book to share portraits. Now you simply pull your phone from your pocket.

I believe photos have become less “real” as a result. Between cropping, editing, and filters, people don’t look as authentic as they used to in the albums. Seriously, do we always look that beautiful? And don’t get me started on selfies…

There are still a handful of people who stick to the authentic photo albums of yesteryear, but they are few and far between. I appreciate my mother for keeping this tradition alive in our family. How about in your family?


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

One thought on “Where have all the photo albums gone?

  1. I try. I got a bit lazy when my son got older and all it took was to miss doing one album for the habit to be broken. I have 2 boxes of pictures from the mid-2000s on that aren’t in albums. I also did a few scrapbooks of my son’s younger years and of some of our vacations. I like the convenience of being able to take 25 pictures to get that one shot. I don’t like that the one shot ends up going from my phone to several computers but never quite gets printed, let alone in an album. I’ve been working on our families genealogy since 2002 and worry that it all becomes about facts, not stories to go along with pictures. It’s the same with videos on outdated VCR tapes. One of these days I’ll get them converted to digital even if I have to pay someone.
    Good job for keeping your albums going!


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