The flickering light bulb…

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So I walked into my kitchen, flicked on the light switch, and what did I see? You guessed it…a flickering light bulb. The funny thing is that it has been flickering for about the past five times I’ve entered the kitchen. So why don’t I just go ahead and change it?

Who knows?

What am I waiting for? Do I really think I’m going to get extensive wear out of that metaphorically hanging by a thread bulb? Doubt it…For some reason, we feel we must wait for the light to go “out” to change it.

This often translates to our everyday life. If something isn’t working, why do we wait to change it? Do you have friends that are draining your energy? Or how about a job that you’ve outgrown? A financial plan that needs to be retooled? Don’t wait, change it! Don’t let it flicker day in and day out only to finally fade away.

It doesn’t take much to change it now and let a brighter light shine…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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