The junk drawer…

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So everyone has one. Hidden in your pristine, well-appointed kitchen is your deep, dark secret…the junk drawer.

When I mentioned to my son, Ethan, that I was about to blog about the junk drawer, he asked, “Which one? That one?” as he pointed to a desk. I couldn’t resist a chuckle. Yes, we have more than one in our home.

But today, I’ll focus on the one that almost everyone has. Open a random drawer in a kitchen, and you just might see one that holds a little bit of everything: wayward birthday candles, pens without lids, a mismatched spoon, the screwdriver that you can never seem to find when you need it, a staple gun, a chip-clip, loose change (particularly pennies), takeout menus, magnets, a napkin, a stick of gum…”You never know what you’re going to find in your junk drawer…Stuff you haven’t used in years,” Ethan shared.

So why do we continue to waste this space with items that could easily make their way into the trashcan? I have no idea! When we recently cleaned out our kitchen, we addressed every cabinet and every drawer…Except for the junk drawer…For some reason, that space remained untouched. I keep saying I’ll clean it out, but I don’t.

Maybe it contains something that I’ll actually need someday soon…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivaic)

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