Simple pleasures of life…

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In no particular order…


eating chocolate.

listening to music,

playing guitar,

sipping wine,


sitting before a fire,


cuddles with your puppy,

cuddles with your partner,

cuddles in general,



visiting with friends,

listening to the rain,

cooking a good meal,

enjoying a good meal,

singing your heart out,

interpretive dance,

hanging out with family,

a bubble bath,

relaxing in bed,

a leisurely stroll,

baking bread,

baking anything,


a back rub,

a nap,

taking photos,

observing artwork,

creating anything,

clean sheets,

a burning candle,

the scent of someone you love,

a fluffy blanket,

feeling your best,

a new journal,

…just to name a few.

How about you?


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)




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