My puppy, my child…

golden retriever puppy
Photo by Terricks Noah on

How many of you parents out there find yourself tripping over toys or stepping on those wayward Lego pieces in the middle of the night? Weird thing, I still do, yet my children are adults. So who is my child that leaves mountains of surprises for me all over the house? You guessed it, my puppy…

I have the sweetest 4-year-old Goldendoodle “puppy”, Lilly, and she loves to play. She continually brings us toys from her basket for a friendly game of fetch or lays in the corner gnawing on another. One thing I love is that she enjoys her toys even when we are not around…and in the middle of the night.

So this morning, I awoke before the sun rose to start teaching my online classes. As I walked through the darkened hallway, I heard loud squeaks as I stepped on her favorite toy. As I continued, my foot got caught on one, and I actually tripped. Now I adore my “baby”, so I really wasn’t annoyed, but I found myself pondering the plight of those who have young children dashing about. I had forgotten the skill needed to navigate the landmine that is toys strewn about the floor.

At least Lilly doesn’t play with Legos…


Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacic)

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