Chillin’ on a Wednesday afternoon…

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So what do you and your partner like to do on an afternoon of just chillin’? One of the many things my husband and I enjoy is watching historical dramas. One example is the television series called Versailles.

We first discovered Versailles on Netflix. It’s a period piece that premiered in November of 2016, set in mid-1600s France under the rule of Louis XIV. Louis decides to move the French court from Paris to his father’s former hunting lodge located in Versailles to force the nobles to submit to his rule.

What follows is amazing scenery, brilliant costuming, heavy drama, and a surprisingly accurate story. We enjoy verifying the storyline of historical dramas and have no patience for large scale embellishment. Stef is very interested in the landscape, the fashion girl in me loves to analyze the designs, and we both scrutinize the accuracy. Bottom line, chillin’ and catching up on the happenings at Versailles is a great way to relax during the afternoon of a busy week. We can’t wait for Season 3.

How about you? What do you or you and your partner enjoy doing on a lazy afternoon? Leave a comment, and let’s start a dialogue. And don’t forget to…


Stay groovy…


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