Yes, I am actually going to write about my dog taking a piss…

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So this morning, I took my dog out as usual. I observed Lily do what she has done 1000 times before. She went on the neverending quest for somewhere to take a piss.

So what is with dogs searching and searching and searching and searching for just the right spot to take a piss? She sniffs, sniffs, sniffs, and sniffs…Then she turns, turns, and turns some more. She starts to squat, but wait…That’s not the right spot. So she takes a whiff, takes a whiff, and takes a whiff again. She circles, circles, and starts to squat, but NO!!! After repeating this ritual a half a dozen times she finally finds just the spot, she squats and finally takes a piss.

Many say this is all part of a dog marking its territory. Could you imagine if humans participated in this interesting practice? In the case of men, they wouldn’t be looking for a place to piss, but a way to mark their territory as far women are concerned.

Imagine a man in a bar, searching for a woman he fancied. After an exhaustive search, he finds the one for him. Rather than go up and talk with her, all he’d have to do is piss on her bar stool. That’s his way of saying to the other fellows, “Stay away, she’s mine!” Ladies, wouldn’t that be a fun way to meet your prince charming?

Due to our politically correct environment, I have an important question:

Have I offended you yet?

Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2019 Susie Krivacici)


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