The dinner table…

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Gathering around the dinner table is a wonderful way to wrap up the day and reconnect as a family. But like any good thing, eating as a family is a habit. If you’re not careful, you’ll gradually abandon this valuable family time.

That’s what happened to us. Schedules just got in the way of making the family dinner a priority. Someone is working late, or has a sporting activity, or has an event to attend. Before we knew it, we were eating our meals scattered about the house.

The tipping point came when my daughter filled her plate and departed to her bedroom for dining. That did it…

So I decided the holiday season was the ideal opportunity to correct this wrong. Christmas Eve came, we set the table, and broke bread as a family. The conversation flowed and the laughter was infectious. And the party continued as we cleared the table and did the dishes…together.

It was a repeat performance on Christmas night, and everyone agreed that enjoying meals as a family needed to be the norm and not the exception. So here we are on December 26th with a plan to dine again this evening at one table. Sure, we may occasionally find ourselves eating in shifts, but our new plan is that anyone present at meal time should meet at the dining room table.

Come and get it…

Stay groovy…


(Copyright 2018 Susie Krivacic)

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