The unknown artist…

photo of bartender pouring draught beer
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I know an artist who works her day job so she can toil away awaiting her big break…


The Unknown Artist


She tends bar in the evening

and waits tables as well.

So she can explore her passion:

her art.


During the day she winds metal,

and solders as well

as she creates unique pieces:

her art.


She hopes to see her gems

on the necks of others.

It’s a walking business card:

her art.


She adores clients like me

because I tend to buy

her work right off of her neck:

her art.


When inquiries are made

about the designs that I wear,

I joyfully share:

her art.


She hopes others will purchase

any item she makes,

and experience the love:

her art.


But still night after night

she tends bar and waits tables,

so she can work on her craft:

her art.


Will she ever make it big?

So she can devote all her time

to what drives her passion?

Her art.


Stay groovy…


Copyright 2018 Susie Krivacic

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