School days, school days…

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Hello All! Please pardon my absence for the past week and change. Things got super busy, and now I’m back…

So across the country students have been returning to school. Some began in early August, while others don’t start until after Labor Day. My son went back for his senior year last week. There was an interesting little change to his schedule this year.

The district added 30 minutes to the school day for high school students. As a teacher and parent, I am thrilled that my son gains additional academic time. I anticipated that the 30 minutes would take the form of an additional class, perhaps tutoring to enhance understanding in areas with which students struggle. Here’s the kicker: The district decided to add four minutes to each class during the school day. Are you kidding me???? Adding four minutes to each class accomplishes NOTHING!!

Until school districts make decisions that actually benefit our children, we will lag behind in education. The district needs to stop saying, “Look at us! We added academic time to the day. We’re wonderful!” Hey district, if you’re going to add time to the school day, add it in a way that will foster learning. Don’t just add it for the purpose of political posturing.

Just sayin’…

Stay groovy…


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