Burning the bridges…

brown wooden bridge beside green leafy trees
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This piece was written many years ago, and some elements still hold true…


Burning the Bridges


Too often in life as we attempt to evolve, we hear a common statement:

“Don’t burn any bridges!”

If we receive an amazing job offer but must leave our current position, we hear it once again:

“Don’t burn any bridges!”


If we are in a questionable relationship, and it’s time to break it off, you guessed it:

“Don’t burn any bridges!”

If we are in conflict with a colleague and must take a stand for what is right, those words can’t escape us:

“Don’t burn any bridges!”


Why? Why must all bridges remain intact?

Have you examined any bridges recently?

Many are in grave need of repair, yet still, thousands of vehicles cross them each day.

Although in life, many feel we must be cautious to not burn these out of date, overused, and dilapidated structures.


We all know I am not speaking of literal bridges here,

but it is an excellent metaphor for life.

People are so afraid of harming contacts or relationships that they hold onto them long after they have run their course of usefulness.

They’d rather stay on that bridge no matter how bumpy or unstable it is than risk taking an alternate route.


Well, I am in favor or burning these antiquated structures that exist only in our minds…Hand me a match!

The one way to create an authentic fresh start is to remove the former bridge from our path and then find or build a new one.

Is this frightening? Yes…Is this difficult? Yes…Is this possible?



So step away from those colleagues, organizations, friends, and habits

that have been holding you back from what you were authentically meant to be.

Clean up the debris from the fire.

Get out the wood, hammer, and nails, and start to build your new bridge.


You control this structure.

Build it with a strong foundation; Build it using the most excellent materials.

Once completed, it will guide you to the future you were meant to have…not what others expect for you.

If you refuse to be who those around you expect you to be, they’re in for a surprise…and so are YOU!


Stay groovy…


Copyright Susie Krivacic 2018








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