close up photo of gray concrete road
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As I drive down the boulevard for the hundredth time,

I’m struck by the lack of progress on the roadwork.

It seems this street has been under construction forever,

and I’m tired of it slowing me down.


I wonder why on some days there is a bustle of activity,

and constructors work up a heavy sweat making progress.

I can almost see results within a matter of days,

and I imagine how smooth my drive will soon be.


Yet other days the entire project is at a standstill.

Machinery does not move an inch,

workers mill about producing nothing at all,

and drivers offer never-ending complaints.


If you ponder this, it mirrors life.

For we have not just days but years

when our lives are under construction.

Our life project ebbs and flows.


Sometimes we are busy with production:

college, new job, marriage, building a house,

having children, watching them grow,

paying the mortgage, taking vacations…


Other times our life moves at a much slower pace:

Between jobs, lack of wellness, financial problems,

retirement, hanging with the grandkids,

reunions, passings…


If we look at the roadwork for what it really is

we may find ourselves more patient about the work to be done.

Because our life, like the road, is continually under construction,

and our road will take an extreme amount of time to complete as well.


Stay groovy…


Copyright Susie Krivacic 2018




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