That cold glass of wine…

clear long steam wine glass
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We’ve all had a day like this, and only one thing will make it better…


That Cold Glass of Wine


It’s been a long day

with pressures like no other.

I’m in a comfortable chair

with that cold glass of wine.


The world’s going crazy

with deadlines looming.

The boss has been yelling,

but I’ve got that cold glass of wine.


Bills are piling up,

and there are chores to do.

Seems everyone needs something,

and I need a cold glass of wine.


My head is throbbing,

and my mind’s on overload.

My body is aching,

but I’ve got that cold glass of wine.


But not just a cold glass of wine

because that wouldn’t do.

I’ve got a cold glass of GOOD wine

to make everything awesome and new.


A sip or two, maybe three

and my troubles disappear

because that good wine makes all the difference.

The only thing better might be a good beer!


Stay groovy…


Copyright Susie Krivacic 2018



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