Start with the shoes…

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So when you start your day, how do you go about coordinating your wardrobe? Do you have a shirt in mind that drives the entire ensemble or perhaps some accessories lined up? Well, I usually start with the shoes…

The shoes are a critical fashion element as they are a focal point. Everybody notes awesome shoes.

So am I feeling fun or sexy? I’ll start with the heels. What’s the weather? If it’s cold, then those heels take the form of boots. If I’m leaning more toward sensual, I may wear boots that travel over the knee. What if the weather’s hot? High strappy sandals win.

If I’m feeling casual, what type of casual is this? Am I going to be walking far? Then a cute pair of sneakers will do the trick. A standard out and about day might dictate ballet flats or sandals. Combat boots are great for winter.

And don’t get me started on the importance of color. Or heel shape…Do I want a narrow heel, block heel, or wedge?

Once I have the shoes, I build the ensemble from there. Wait a minute…Which handbag?


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Where’d my 20/20 go?

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A funny thing happens when you turn 40…Your vision begins to gradually tank. Imagine how bad it gets in your 50s…

And the older I get, the more pairs of readers I need. First of all, my visual acuity depends on what I’m doing. Am I reading? That requires one pair of glasses. Am I working on my computer? A different magnification may be required. If I actually wish to see my food when we dine, yes, I grab another pair.

And don’t get me started on the fashion component. You see, I like different looks, so that requires many alternatives.

I also continually lose my readers. I leave them in restaurants, in the grocery store, at friends’ homes…They are scattered throughout the house.

So what is the answer to this vision conundrum? Dollar Tree!!! My husband turned me on to this ideal location for purchasing my spectacles as I need so many. I was skeptical until he came home one day with a pair.  I was surprised that they were of such decent quality. If they do break, who cares? And if I lose them, it is no cause for alarm. Plus, I can own dozens…

So fulfill your love for eyewear without breaking the bank. Stop by your local Dollar Tree.

And, no, they are not paying me for this plug.

Stay groovy…


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Lovin’ me some Versace…

versace plaids for blog What comes around, goes around. That phrase is particularly relevant when it comes to fashion. I was peeking at my Instagram account this morning, and I stumbled upon pictures posted by one of the many amazing designers I follow, Versace. I was spellbound by the most eye catching plaids that I’ve seen in years.

Now plaids have been popular during many a fashion season, but this particular 2018 collection is reminiscent of attire worn by the character Cher Horowitz in the classic 1995 movie Clueless. The 1990’s had a very distinctive style, much like every decade. The trick is for the designer to add a fresh twist to an old favorite to make something we’ve seen before look totally new and unique. Versace very successfully achieved this goal. The contrasting colors that work so well together, along with the pattern mix, create a magical and memorable look.

I recall back in the mid 1980’s my late Uncle David had an awesome pair of paisley swim trunks. Paisley was quite “in” at that time, and I was impressed that he was so on point fashion-wise. When I asked him where he acquired them, Uncle David responded, “I have no idea. I got them 20 years ago.”

So hold on to your favorite fashion people…If you wait long enough, it will come back in style.

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